Северо-Восточное некоммерческое партнерство пластических и реконструктивных хирургов

ООО «Центр пластической хирургии»
Адрес: 150000, г. Ярославль, ул. Салтыкова-Щедрина, дом 11 (cхема проезда)
Телефон: +7 (4852) 32-00-11, (4852) 73-02-55
Факс: +7 (4852) 32-98-88

Scientific Program

General Plastic Surgery. Wound healing. Scar revision. Grafts and flaps. Biomaterials. Implants. Tissue expansion. Lasers in plastic surgery. Pigment nevi. Pressure sores. Reconstruction of thoracic and abdominal wall. Pharmacotherapy in plastic surgery. Ethics and education in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Head and neck. Facial trauma. Maxillo-facial surgery. Congenital head and neck deformities. Ear and nose reconstruction. Oculoplastic surgery. Facial paralysis. Safety of the patient during restorative surgery. Reduction of stages in reconstructive surgery.

Breast. Breast mound reconstruction. Prevention of ptosis after mastopexy and breast reduction. Selection of implant for breast reconstruction and augmentation.

Hand and upper extremity. Tendon surgery. Peripheral nerve surgery and brachial plexus reconstruction. Compression nerve syndromes. . Arthritis. Dupuytren disease. Congenital anomalies. Soft tissue defects coverage. Hand burns. Thumb reconstruction. Hand tumors. Wrist. Hand allotransplantation.

Lower limb. Anatomical bases for selection of axial pattern flaps for lower extremity. Surgery for open/complex trauma of lower extremity. Treatment of vascular ulcer. Diabetic foot. Foot and shin replantation.

Genitalia. Surgery for hypospadias and epispadias. Penile lengthening and widening. Surgery for transsexuals. Vaginal reconstruction. Other genitalia procedures.

Plastic surgery in oncological patients. Tactics in surgical treatment of skin tumors. Skin melanoma. Sentinel lymph node dissection. Vascular malformation and tumors.

Burns. Thermal burns. Surgery for chemical burns. Surgery for electrical burns.

Aesthetic Surgery. Cosmetic surgery of eyelids and midface. Facelifting: from rhytidectomy to subperiosteal multilayer technique. Volumetric changes in facial rejuvenation surgery. Rhinoseptoplasty: aesthetics and function. Hair transplantation. Body contouring. Liposculpture.

Aesthetic dermatology and cosmetology. Chemical and laser pilings. Lasers for photo rejuvenation. Injection materials for contour remodeling. Botox injections.


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